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The history of Huntsville began between 1835 to 1836 when Pleasant and Ephraim Gray established a trading post. Ephraim Gray was the first postmaster, and he named the town Huntsville in 1837. Sam Houston, former president of the Republic of Texas, governor of the state, governor and congressman of Tennessee, and US senator, made his home in the city. Huntsville, the seat of Walker County, is located in southern Texas, 7.2 miles north of Houston. According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 45,941 people and a land area of 43 square miles. Sam Houston University, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Huntsville State Park, and the HEARTS Veterans Museum of Texas are also located in this city.

The traces of history that can be found in downtown Huntsville are just one of the many things that make Huntsville unique. There are antique shops, boutiques, and music stores, all of which reflect the town’s distinct heritage. The Old Town Theatre always hosts live shows, performances, and movie screenings. There’s also the Blue Lagoon, known for its scuba diving excursions and leisurely strolls around the lake.

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We Are Pleased to Serve the Residents of Huntsville, Texas!

Every wonderful city has an amazing roofing service provider behind it. As Huntsville is known for its richness in history and heritage, we at Roofers College Station provide the best roofing services to help residents maintain their beautiful and colorful roofs. We care deeply about the value of a home and the importance of the roof’s role in it. We bring to Huntsville, a team of professional roofers who are not only capable but is also committed and responsible. We place a high value on craftsmanship and quality in all of our work.

Huntsville TX Roof Repair Service

We provide a number of services to the entire city of Huntsville. We offer installation, repair, and special services to provide solutions to many roofing issues. Our team provides residential roofing services and creates beautiful and long-lasting roofs for homeowners. We also help homeowners choose the most appropriate design and materials for their home. For damaged and faulty roofing systems, we have roof repair and replacement services which are needed after a professional inspection. Our team works hard to ensure that all root causes are addressed with long-term solutions.

We work closely with siding to provide you with protection from horizontal hazards. It even has beautiful designs and styles that will go well with your home. We understand how much light affects the overall feel of a home, so we offer a full set of services for windows, skylights, and doors as well. We also provide gutter installation and repair to protect your home from leaks. Only choose a name that provides quality—Roofer College Station.

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If you need professional help with your home’s roof, siding, gutters, doors, and windows, contact us at 979-200-4950, and let’s discuss how we can work together.