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Why Your Roof Needs Gutters

Why Your Roof Needs Gutters - Roofers College Station, TX

Gutters manage the water that strikes your roof, leading it into a single flow away from your home. Without gutters, water runoff may build up around your roof, breaking into your foundation and causing water damage over time. Gutters cannot move water away effectively unless they are cleaned frequently. 

Damaged gutters can also generate more harm than not having gutters because they can cause water to pool along the roof. In addition to keeping water from pooling, gutters also help prevent erosion by regulating water runoff. This protects your landscape and your outdoor space around a property. 

How Do Gutters Work?

The gutters along the roof can catch rainwater as it flows down the ground. This water is funneled through downspouts where it departs away from your property. By directing rainwater, the gutter decreases erosion on the ground and may significantly decrease the chance of foundation damage and basement flooding. In some cases, the downspout drains into a tank for garden use during dry weather.

Gutters Prevents Mold Growth

Mold grows in undesirable places due to poor ventilation and high levels of moisture. The amount of water flooding around the foundation can create leakages in your basement. The flooded water can also move its way via the cracks on the walls into the basement. This can be a huge problem as it creates the best environment for mold growth. 

The basement is one of the most disregarded rooms in a home that can effortlessly be a target for mold, particularly when it has all the required conditions that push the development of mold. If your walls or foundation is showing indications of cracks, gutters can minimize moisture seeping into your home as you find a method to solve the problem.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Water that falls to your home’s foundation can drive soil erosion as it pushes all the topsoil out of your landscape. Rainwater can spread everywhere if not directed properly. A gutter can function as a secure path that allows water from your roof to flow into the downspouts safely into a storage tank where it can be reused for other purposes such as gardening. Homeowners must have the right drainage when installing their gutters so that rainwater can be recycled or led farther from the house.

Helps Control Insect Breeding Cycles

Another reason why gutters make an important addition to your home is that it controls the occurrence of pooled water. Pooled water can attract pests and insects. Water that splashes straight to the ground can build pools of water that may boost insect breeding cycles. Common insects you can expect around puddles of water are mosquitos, flies, and gnats. Not only are these pests a nuisance, they can also be harmful to your health. Having gutters decreases the possibilities of insect colonies getting in areas of your home.

Improved Appearance

Gutter-Roof-Improved-Appearance-Roofers-College-Station, TX

Gutters do not offer only protection but they also improve your home’s appearance. Damaged gutters can impact your home’s curb appeal through the stains found all over the walls. As the water begins to leak, it creates unsightly stains over time.

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